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"I LOVE you guys!! Not only did you ship my order quickly, but included a nice handwritten "Thank you for your order" note. That little touch just cemented my positive feelings toward you. I also GREATLY appreciate the fact that you take the time to fill out the customs forms so that I can get your pasta overseas at a military base! It means the world to people like me when we can fill out the e-forms and there's the drop-down for APO/FPO where the state typically is. THANK YOU for supporting your troops by doing that!! AND THANK you for the delicious pasta!! My gluten-sensitive gut and joints really are thankful!"


"I am a pasta lover at heart and this was one of the hardest things for me to give up while trying to follow a Paleo diet plan. So when I saw Paleo pasta and read more about your product I had to give it a try. I ordered the 4 pack for starters and OMG!!!! What a pleasant surprise...the pasta tastes incredible and does not leave you with that heavy feeling after you eat it. You have mastered your recipe and the end result is amazing and is so quick and easy to prepare!

I can't wait to see what other flavors that you come up with. You definitely have a customer for life! Thank you."

T.C., California

"This product is amazing. Cooks so fast. Texture is like nice light fettuccine. It is addicting. It has become my favorite pasta since going mostly paleo. Thank you for making such a tasty, healthy product!!!"

M.B., Florida

"I ordered a bag of the original Paleo Pasta last week, and we tried it tonight for dinner. It was great! Can't wait to try more flavors...or to keep trying the original flavor. I have missed having pasta while eating paleo, and while I once - very unsuccessfully - tried to make gnocchi, I haven't found a good true substitute. Spaghetti squash just isn't the same. Your pasta is my new go-to! Thanks!"

C.L., North Carolina

"I ordered a 4-pack sampler of tomato, spinach, original and chipotle spice. I have just recently gone paleo and, although my husband doesn't really realize it, he has too (at least for the meals I make him). I served him the original and spinach varieties and he had no idea that they weren't the carb-loaded demon noodles he so adores. He ate every last bite! My 3 and 5-year old love them too! Thank you so much for offering pasta that I can give to my family with out guilt or complaints from the peanut gallery!"

L.B., Kennebunk, Maine

"I ordered my first shipment of paleo pasta on a Monday; received it Wednesday and had the pleasure of eating it Thursday night with pesto. It was absolutely delicious. Although I am not a true "paleo" eater I am gluten intolerant and a diabetic. I am happy to report that when I tested my sugar after dinner there was NO spike whatsoever (an amazing 118 reading). Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work and making this wonderful pasta available for the public. You now have a very happy customer for life!"

Jo-Ann L.

Check out this great review from Caveman Greg at Paleo Diet and Living ! Greg had an initial reaction of "paleo pasta? huh?", but he gives a really thorough run-down of Paleo Pasta's nutritional advantages and how it can be useful. Plus he says it's awesome. (Check out the rest of his blog, too -- for newbies interested in paleo stuff, he's got a great post on how to start the paleo diet.)

"We received one of each flavor of your Paleo Pasta to sample and we tried the Spinach flavor last night for dinner. We all four loved it!

Both myself and my 2 children are all GF. My husband is not, but he eats GF at home. I asked everyone for comments:

My 8 year old son said 'This stuff is amazing, where can we get it?' He also said 'I honestly think this is the best pasta I've ever had! Except the only thing that was bad about it was it looked really gross (green color - he's 8!). But now that I'm used to it, it's not so bad.'

My 12 year old daughter thought it was 'delicious'!

My husband thought it was 'wonderful', 'airy and light weight in a good way'. 'I love the healthy flour blend!' 'I love the nutritional value!'

I agree with my husband on the nutritional content of your pasta. It is nutritious and tastes incredible! You have filled a truly unique niche in the GF product line. Currently, there are several GF pastas available, however, to my knowledge, I do not know of any similar to yours. It tastes just like fresh pasta, not hard like the others. Also, I love flavored pastas and that is the one thing I miss about going GF. Until last night, I have not tasted a GF flavored pasta that actually tasted like the flavor it was supposed to represent.

The other big benefit that your pasta has over the other GF pastas on the market, that you may or may not already be aware of, is that it tastes just as good the next day! Other GF pastas tend to get hard and change their structure when cooked and refrigerated for the next day. They just don't taste as good and usually need to be eaten right away. With Paleo Pasta, we put the leftovers from last night in the frig. and when I heated it this afternoon, it tasted just as good as the first time. That is a huge plus!!"

Erica W., CA

"Before starting a paleo diet, I was a carb addict. Pizza and pasta were undeniable staples of my diet. I loved them more than anything. I was skeptical to try anything to replace traditional pasta, but your product is awesome. The Chipotle spice flavor is absolutely delicious. Please don't stop making it."

James L., New York

"Paleo Pasta has an extraordinary depth of flavor--hints of sweetness and nuttiness combine to create a unique taste with any sauce."

Kevin Stewart, professional chef/culinary consultant

"I love it. I tried the original. It is better than regular pasta and takes less time to cook which is great in the summer. I am going to make the spicy chipotle tonight."

Kevin, Brooklyn

"I'm a CrossFit enthusiast, and knowing there's a pasta I can enjoy without compromising my diet gives me one less reason to be mentally imbalanced. All joking aside, this stuff is fantastic. I'm ordering more."

Adam, NY

"Paleo Pasta is really good. I tossed it with a bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. I liked the texture and the flavor. My husband (who is not gf) enjoyed it, too."

P.W., NY

"I still crave it, right now. "

Stephanie G., NY

"I had to go gluten free for my wife, and I gave up on gourmet pasta, until Paleo Pasta. It's awesome -- thanks!"

M.F., MA

"Paleo Pasta completely changed my views on gluten free pasta. I immediately ordered more after my first try, and would recommend the same to anyone. P.S. Chipotle is my favorite at the moment."

Max, KS

"Try mixing the Tomato and the Chipotle -- it's soooo good. This is my favorite gf pasta by far."

Georgia, MA

"I served this to my gluten eating friends and they thought it was great. I'm so glad to have flavored pastas again!"

L.W., MA