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About Us

A few years back we decided to go Paleo, and the results were, no joke, amazing. We lost weight, blood sugar and blood pressure went down, even our allergies improved. It sounds like a crazy result, but we know that this is not that unusual on the Paleo diet. So we may have gone a little nuts trying to get our friends and family to make the switch too. (It’s because we love them!) It wasn't long before we realized that, for them and for us, sticking to the Paleo diet can be hard – eating the right foods sometimes requires more preparation and planning than we can handle amidst the pressures of work, friends, the gym, and the rest. 

So once we fell off the wagon a few times, we decided that this would simply not do. We needed a convenient, paleo-friendly pasta that we could whip up quickly and easily. So we bought a pasta machine and went to work. Several months and three pasta machines later, we figured out the magic combination, and Paleo Pasta was born. We love it, and we think you will, too. Order some and try it out. We promise you won’t be disappointed.